The Challenge / the Study

Accidents, fines, stress - these are the consequences of crowded parking lots as they are to be found at night on the highways. Since there are on many motorways in Europe too few parking facilities for truck drivers, the existing occupied very quickly and the trucks will be parked on the hard shoulder or in moving in and out of parking spaces. For truck drivers, therefore, begins early in the evening of the fight for a parking spot, to comply with the statutory driving and rest periods.

The problems are:

  • Not enough parking spaces for trucks on highways
  • Poor parking space utilization (overcrowded parking)
  • Parking for lack of space on any place: side strips, driveway parking / service area / truck stop -> risk of accidents
  • Time loss during retraction and extension of truck stops looking for parking
  • Unnecessary environmental pollution and emissions from searching for a parking lot
  • Driving and rest periods can not be met
  • High fines for minimal overruns

To get a better overview of the current situation on European motorways, this project respectively this study is funded in the Horizon 2020 funding program for Research and Innovation of the European Commission. By participating in this survey, you can help to analyze the daily work concerning the searching for a parking lot on European highways.

This study or its surveys are designed for three different target groups:

  1. Trucker
  2. Shipping Company
  3. Parking Operator



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